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  Job interviews can be mildly terrifying for anyone, but they’re extra-extra-terrifying for introverts. Here, some tips for giving a great first impression, even if your instincts are to go hide in a corner.


  “I’ll just wing it” should not be a line in any introvert’s arsenal—that’s especially be true for interviews. Whether you enlist a pal to run through questions with you ahead of time or just practice in front of a mirror, go through an entire mock interview out loud until it feels natural.

爱我棋牌_[官网入口]  “我只能即兴表现了。”不应成为任何一位内向者的武器底线——特别是参与面试的时候。不管你找了一位同伴提前演练一遍面试问题,还是只是自己在镜子前练习,你都应该大声练习整个模拟面试的流程,直到让你自己感到自然爱我棋牌_[官网入口]。

  Introverts aren’t naturals at self-promotion, so take stock of the things you’re best at and figure out a no-nonsense way to talk about them. We find it easier to talk quantifiably (“At my last company, my press materials brought in 12 new clients”) rather than with bravado (“I’m a terrific writer. Everyone knows it.”).


  Off-the-cuff comments and free-flowing conversations aren’t typically where introverts shine, so instead of leaving things up to chance, brainstorm a list of all the questions you think your interviewer will ask you and prepare your answers accordingly.


  We’re not saying you should put on a hat and a pair of those fake moustache glasses, but scoping out the area where your interview will be proves majorly comforting come go time. Map out your route (or even try it the day before) to minimize travel-related stress and triple-check the weather to make sure you’re dressed appropriately. (No introvert wants to show up a sweaty mess.)

爱我棋牌_[官网入口]  我们不是叫你戴上一顶帽子和一副带有假胡子的眼镜,但是打量进行面试的场所能够大大地安抚你在面试过程的情绪。在地图上标注好路线(或者甚至在前一天先踩点),以便舒缓路途带来的压力,多次查看天气预报,确保你能够得当地穿着打扮。(没有一个内向的人希望自己大汗淋漓地出现在别人面前。)

  If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, it’ll show on your face and in your body language. Before an interview, take some time to select pieces that make you feel like the boss you are.


  In the days leading up to an interview, introverts might start to feel insecure about their inward-facing qualities. Don’t! Instead, try talking up your more positive introverted tendencies right there in the interview. For example, many introverts are detail-oriented, thoughtful, creative and serious self-motivators.


  If you can help it, don’t schedule back-to-back interviews. Allow yourself to regroup after each one by booking a massage, setting aside time to read a good book or making a favorite meal for dinner—pretty much anything that constitutes self-care.

爱我棋牌_[官网入口]  如果你能够忍得住,就不要安排背靠背的面试。给予自己重组的机会,可以通过预约一次按摩,安排空闲时间阅读一本好书或者做一顿美味的晚餐——更像是关爱自己的事情。









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